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Discover our remarkable gardens in Dordogne 

A taste of Paradis
les jardins le paradis camping dordogne
emplacement camping 5 etoiles dordogne

8 hectares of parkland on the banks of a river, 4km from Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, in Dordogne … welcome to our green Paradise. 

This 5-star campsite is set in a remarkable landscape. The abundant variety of vegetation; the aromatic garden and its edible plants full of scents and beauty. Throughout the year, our three gardeners create a harmony between tropical palm trees, banana trees and bamboo, and the authentic charms of the hazelnut trees.  

Shady plant covered pergolas, carpets of flowers, bamboo …. As soon as you enter the campsite, you are aware of the ever changing life of the garden as you walk its paths. Why don’t you explore? You don’t even have to leave the campsite.  

Wander through Paradise

The main path, the campsite’s very own little Versailles

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Some of our guests have named it “Little Versailles”: its mixture of topiary, flower beds and hedges creates a very special ambience, reminiscent of a chateau’s parkland. 

Children use the path to go to the swimming pool, rubber ring at the ready. They pass Dads coming back from the shop, baguettes under their arm, or adventurers, paddle in hand, heading towards the jetty on the banks of the Vézère 

In brief, this path is central to the campsite and a pleasant taster for the rest of the visit. 


Our campsite areas are inspired by nature in Périgord 

Dahlia, Eucalyptus, Jasmine…. Each campsite area is called after one of the flowers which grows there. 

During your stay we invite you to discover their seasonal secrets, as the days go by. In your very own green haven, you will find your morning alarm is replaced by bird song. 

Away from your accommodation you will discover the lively activity of the campsite. It has the ambience of a typical small village in the Périgord; with good food and a good life. 

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A touch of nature
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Places of freedom and pleasure

Nature landscaped around your accommodation

Small green paths with flowers that change with the seasons outline the different areas of the campsite. The accommodation and pitches have been carefully planned to give everyone shade, privacy and the best possible views, so you can enjoy your calm rural refuge and appreciate a sense of freedom and companionship during your holidays. 

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A small taste of Paradise to add to your cooking

Close to the lively campsite, there is a quiet corner where anyone who fancies is welcome to pick anything they like. There are herbs, scented plants and red fruits and small signs tell you what is on offer. 

You are encouraged to harvest your favourite flavours and taste them either in the garden, or add them to your cooking. Feel free to meet and chat to the gardeners, to learn more about the campsite’s plant life. 

We hope this “refuge” garden will inspire you to add new plants to your cooking.

jardins aromiques camping le paradis
jardin aromiqtique camping le paradis
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Wander from path to path

emplacements camping en bord de riviere
Set off down the Vézère

Take a stroll along the paths, alone or in company, on foot or by bike, as far as the shady banks of the River Vézère, and enjoy the activities of the campsite. 

In this secluded spot, nature lives in harmony with campsite life. It is not uncommon to get a glimpse of a woodpecker pecking, a robin hunting, or buzzards soaring overhead.