Tips to soothe minor “boo-boos”

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Le camping Le Paradis vous propose des astuces, bons plans et accessoires afin de vous faciliter le camping.

Le Paradis campsite offers you tips, good deals and accessories to make camping easier.
These “eco-friendly” travel accessories help you save energy and contribute to our environmental approach. Some might even be useful for your next holidays or your next stay at Le Paradis…
Tips to lighten your luggage, protect you from certain pests, keep tidy and save money…

…Think about it!!

Today, tips to smoothe minor “boo-boos”

In case of a superficial wound, soak a cotton ball in vinegar to soothe the pain and prevent blisters.

Freeze Aloe Vera cream in an ice cube tray to soothe a sunburn

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tips to keep tidy

tips to keep tidy

Par : Ellen - 04 July 2016 - Blog, Camping Tips